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Here is what we are doing this month!  Click the link to download the PDF file of our calendar.

Calendar – Sept 2014

September 7:

Join us for “Kickoff Sunday” as we begin a new program year together with a time of celebration!  Worship will be a rich banquet of experiences as we  celebrate communion, hear a report from our South Dakota Team, celebrate the Forest for the Season of Creation, and enjoy the gift of music from a men’s quartet!   Our Scripture will be Acts 17: 22-28.   Sunday school starts as does our new youth offering:  Hands on worship.  Worship will be followed by a lunch!


September 14:

It is “Land” Sunday in the Season of Creation.  Our Boston Mission Team will share some of their stories about their August Trip.  The Drum Circle will share special music with us.  Our Scripture will be Psalm 139: 7-12.


September 21:

It is “Wilderness Sunday” in the Season of Creation.  In worship, we will also have “Warm Coat Sunday” with the dedication of coats, heats, gloves, and scarves for those who need them to deal with the coming winter.  Our Stewardship Team will introduce this year’s “Season of Generosity” and our Children’s Choir will offer special music.  Our Scripture for the day is Romans 8: 8-17.


September 28:

Today, the town of Goshen is celebrating its 275th anniversary!  This marks the anniversary of the church, as well, because the Connecticut legislature in that day wouldn’t not give the charter for a town and land without a church and pastor!  Join us for a special celebration of our anniversaries!  Check the location for worship as we may be at the fair ground for part of the larger celebration!    Our adult choir is back today with our music director, Wanda Houston.


October 5:  World Communion Sunday

The church year is organized primarily on the life of Jesus and the life of discipleship. Clearly we worship God as source of all things, Christ as the redeemer of all things, and the Spirit as sustainer of all things. Nevertheless, the focus on Jesus and the Christian life in the lectionary system may not give adequate opportunity to focus on God the creator, the biblical call to worship with all creation, and the biblical mandate tocare for creation. A Season of Creation is an opportunity for congregations who so choose to take time in the church year to focus their celebration on God the creator, Christ as the redeemer of creation, and the Spirit as sustainer of creation—to worship God along with all creation (as the Psalms enjoin), and to express gratitude, love, and a commitment to care for all living things on earth.

Given the importance of creation in the life of Christians and the current ecological threats to human and non-human life on this earth, many of us believe it is time to provide a focus on this dimension of our Christian life and to do so at the very center of our life together, namely, in worship. A Season of Creation is one way to do this.


What an amazing summer we had with mission trips to South Dakota and Boston!  Most of us also had other adventures, as well—camp, vacations, scout trips, and more!  And we can’t wait to hear all about it!  Here is what is coming for youth!  Come join us!

September 7:   South Dakota trip presentation in worship

Kick off of “Hands on Worship for Youth”

September 14:  Boston Mission Trip presentation in Worship

Noon—Youth Group Kick off party in the Parish Hall

Pizza, games, news and more!

September 21:  Trip to Catamount Ariel Adventure Park

Cost :  $35.  Departure at Noon.  See mailing or Pastor Paige for release forms                                                                                      and other essential information.  Drivers needed.

September 28:  Dinner out for High School Juniors and Seniors at 6 pm.

October 12:  Giv2 Workday hosted by our church at our community garden!  12:30—4:30 pm.



We want our youth to be fully involved and engaged in worship!  We understand, however, that particularly for middle school students, sermons might seem boring.  This fall, we will offer a station in the back of the sanctuary for youth to do silent activities that relate to the worship service and its theme scripture.  Writing, art, online research, puzzles, and more will be available each week at this station.  When children leave for Sunday School, youth may move to this station is they desire.  It is our hope that they will “multi-task” and continue to listen to what is happening in worship.

Mark your calendar on Saturday, October 4th at 5:30 pm we will have a Church Campfire!  Come join us for Hot Chocolate, desserts (including s’mores), sing-along’s and more!  Great food and fellowship, all are welcome!

This spring the congregation voted to sponsor a refugee family.  Other churches in the area are interested in helping with this project. eg. Cornwall Congregational Church, Cornwall Lutheran Church, St. Thomas etc.  Our immediate goal is to find housing.  Several rentals in Torrington are being considered.  Any ideas or suggestions can be sent to the Refugee committee through the church office.  Second goal is to raise funds to support this family during the first  months after arrival.  We are collecting donations and plan to have a fund raiser concert on Friday, November 7th. Our goal is to raise $3-5,000.  We have $1,100 so far. When the family arrives, we will need support is finding them employment, help with rides and signing them up for schooling and health services etc. If you would like to be on our email or phone list please let the church office know. Many thanks, Mary Tracy

     Our Earth & Garden team are hosting a workshop on canning your garden harvest on Sunday, October 5 from 3-5 pm in the Parish Hall Kitchen!  The cost is $10.  All supplies are provided.  Pre-registration is required.  Call the office or sign up in the sign-up book.

“Journey of the Universe”

Goshen, CT– “Journey of the Universe,” a documentary exploring the human connection to Earth and the cosmos, will kick off the 2014-2015 Earth Film Series at the Church of Christ Congregational, Goshen on Wednesday, September 17 at 6:30.


“Journey of the Universe” invites viewers to become travelers on a journey that explores the origins of the universe, the emergence of life, and the rise of humans, say the filmmakers. Filmed on location on the Greek island of Samos, the birthplace of the mathematician, philosopher and mystic Pythagoras, “Journey of the Universe” weaves together the findings of modern science with cultural traditions of the West, China, Africa, India, and indigenous peoples to explore cosmic evolution as a process of creativity, connection, and interdependence.


The film is narrated by evolutionary philosopher Brian Swimme, and was produced by Mary Evelyn Tucker and her husband, John Grim. Tucker and Grim teach in a joint master’s program in religion and ecology at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies (FES) and Yale Divinity School, where they also direct the Forum on Religion and Ecology.


Peter Crane, dean of FES, said, “In the history of our school, the sweep of the film’s vision ranks with that of Aldo Leopold — thinking like a mountain meets thinking like an atom. The book and film offer a comprehensive framework to address the daunting ecological and social challenges of our times.”


Swimme and Tucker also wrote a companion book, published by Yale University Press, and produced an Educational Series that includes interviews with 20 scientists and environmentalists and curricular materials that further explore the unfolding universe story. The Educational Series is available on the “Journey of the Universe” website.


“Journey of the Universe” is the result of the collective inspiration of a 30-year collaboration between Swimme, Tucker, Grim, and the late Thomas Berry, a historian of world religions and a leading environmental thinker. They were inspired by Berry’s article “The New Story,” which examined how the world’s religions explained the creation of the world and the scientific story of the universe’s emergence.


“Berry had a vision of the need for an integrating narrative of the development of the universe, Earth, and humans,” Tucker said. Grim added, “He was one of the first to suggest we need an epic story that would show people their profound connection to the Earth community.”

The Earth Film Series is part of the 4/1 Earth Ministry of the Church of Christ, Goshen.

A free soup supper begins at 6:30 followed by the film.

Bible Study

After summer vacation, Adult Bible Study is back on Thursdays from 7-8:30 pm in the Fellowship room!  Although we do work in short units, each lesson stands alone and all are welcome to join us – whether they can come every week or only occasionally!  No former Bible Study experience required!  Come with your questions and your doubts!  Bible Study resumes Thursday, September 12!


Skeptics Club

Skeptics Club is back on the First Tuesday of each month from 7-8:30 pm in the Fellowship Room.

Having questions and doubts doesn’t make you a bad Christian!  Bring your questions and join us for conversation and refreshment each month.  We will be using a program called “Living the Questions” to start our discussions and to explore the range of Christian perspectives on important issues of faith.  Our topic for September is “Lives of Jesus” and explores the different visions of Christ we have in Scripture and beyond.  Come join us as we discuss the big picture issues of our faith!

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